State Funding Programs

NYSED Funding Opportunity: 2023-2025 New York State RECOVS: Recover from COVID School Program

NYSED has announced RECOVS RFP# GC23-012 posted to P12 Funding Opportunities.

Combined with required applicant-provided 100% matching funds and/or in-kind contributions, Mental Health RECOVS Grant awards and/or Learning Loss RECOVS Grant awards will allow for school districts and boards of cooperative educational services (BOCES) to address student well-being and learning loss in response to the trauma brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Questions relative to this RFP must be sent to no later than close of business on July 21, 2023. NYSED will post a summary of questions and answers by August 4, 2023.

Applications must be received by August 18, 2023 through the Survey Monkey Apply portalIf applying for both grants, a separate and complete application must be submitted for each Mental Health RECOVS Grant and Learning Loss RECOVS Grant.

For additional information, please review the full RECOVS Request for Proposals (RFP) document posted to P12 Funding Opportunities.

Smart Schools Plans Approved

Smart Schools Investment funding- Governor Hochul announced funding to 48 schools for projects to improve school security, classroom technology and connectivity. The approved plans include projects for security systems, entry control systems, modernization of classrooms and emergency classroom notifications systems. The approved districts plans can be found at: List of Approved Smart Schools

Title 1 School Improvement Grant

The State Education Department announced funding for instructional coaches to enhance support students. Target Districts with at least one non-Receivership school in the CSI support model are eligible to submit an application for the 2023-24 SIG Coaching for Excellence (CFE) funds for each school interested in participating in the program. Additional information on this funding may be found at:Title 1 Instructional Coaches funding for Districts Identified as Target Districts

Evidence-based Prevention Education Programs

The State Education Department and the Office of Addiction Services and Support are seeking applications for school-based clinics. The funding will support partnerships between schools in receivership and school-based mental health clinics. Further information on this funding may be found at: Mental Health Clinic Partnership with Schools in Receivership