Update – Release of Personally Identifiable Information

On December 12, 2013, we disseminated information regarding the report released by Senator John Flanagan, based on the testimony  he received during five regional public hearings. Included in the recommendations directed to the State Education Department in connection with the statewide Education Data Portal (EDP) was that “…the Department should impose an immediate one-year delay in the launching of the full operation of the EDP until school districts have sufficiently assessed all the ramifications surrounding this newly designed computer-based technology.” In addition, the Senator has proposed legislation (S-6007), which among other things, calls for a Parents Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security.

On November 20, Assembly member Catherine Nolan lead a hearing regarding the release of personally identifiable data. On December 16, 2013, she and 50 other Assembly members sent the attached letter to Education Commissioner John King, indicating that, “We do not believe the State education Department should share this information with InBloom, especially not at this time.” The Assembly letter also references two pieces of legislation that are intended to curb third party access to student data (A-7872-A, Nolan; A-6059, O’Donnell).

Because this is a topic of great concern to many educators and parents, we wanted to provide you this update. We hope you will find it helpful. All the best. …Jim Viola