SAANYS Members Lobby Albany

The SAANYS Government Relations Committee gathered in Albany on March 10 to lobby on behalf of their fellow colleagues across the state. Key issues include the governor’s proposed “reforms” to education. Here’s what SAANYS says:

State Aid

Reject proposed increase of $1.1 billion or $377 million. Reject Education Investment Incentives Tax Credit. Reject Teacher Excellence Fund


  • State aid increase of $1.9 billion, with distribution to Gap Elimination Adjustment and Foundation Aid in approximately equal amounts.
  • Revisions in Tax Cap – Revise the over-ride requirement and contingency cap
  • Current year Emergency Aid for districts with unaccompanied minors
  • State aid for education services to English language learners
  • Increase of BOCES aid for CTE instructional salaries, and commensurate special services aid for CTE Pathways in the Big 5 and non-component districts.

Annual Professional Performance Review

Reject proposed weightings. Reject evisceration of school administrators’ role in observations and Other Measures. Reject prohibition to place students successively with teachers rated Ineffective

Recommend: Independent review of state APPR system. Implement recommendations.

Principal and Teacher Probation and Tenure

Reject proposed 5 year probation with requirement for successive ratings of Effective or Ineffective.

Recommend: No changes are needed in regard to probation and tenure requirements.

Failing Schools and School Districts

Reject proposed assignment of Receiver with unbounded authority

Recommend: Joint selection and assignment of a school or building Coach.

Charter Schools

Reject proposed cap increase to 560 (increase of 100). Support “anti-creaming” enhanced data collection.

Universal Prekindergarten

Reject allocation to expand program to 3 year old children.

Recommend: Allocate resources to fully implement UPK for children four-years –old.

School District Reorganizations

Support the allocation of $150 million for incentives.

Common Core-Aligned State Tests

Support proposal to bar for five years inclusion of common core-aligned test results on students’ transcripts and permanent records.

Recommend: Enact Truth in Testing legislation (S-6009, A-8356)

Waivers for Special Education Duties

Support authorization of waivers to districts and BOCES to promote innovation while ensuring program quality.