Reporting of Teacher Vaccinations

On Wednesday evening (2/24/21) SAANYS received notification from the NYSDOH’s Education Constituents Team  that a letter has been sent to school leaders across the State of a “hold “ on the requirement to report the number of vaccinated teachers. The letter states:

Dear School Leader:

 Executive Order 202.95 requires reporting of vaccinated teachers beginning on Wednesday February 23 and weekly thereafter.  Please be advised that schools and school districts are NOT required to report this information at this time, and additional information will be forthcoming. As such, schools and school districts are not required to request reporting of vaccination status or information by employed teachers or other staff at this time.

Additional information regarding this Executive Order will be forthcoming.

Thank you for your continued dedication to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

SAANYS will provide any additional information that becomes available on this required reporting.