Academic Intervention Services (AIS) Requirements for 2013-14

The attached information was brought to SAANYS’ attention by Bernard McDermott, from the Chenango Forks Central School District. The document, released by Deputy Commissioner Ken Slentz, indicates the main provisions of an action item the department plans to present to the Board of Regents at their September 16-17 meeting to provide flexibility for the provision of academic intervention services (AIS). The item, if approved, will set scale scores (by grade level, for ELA and math) below which districts must provide AIS; and above which AIS is not required, even if the student has not performed proficiently (level 3). The proposed regulatory revision will also require that by November 1, 2013, each district either post to its website or distribute to parents in writing a description of its uniform process for the provision of AIS during 2013-14.Please note, however, that the Regents item will not change requirements to provide services under the Title 1 program.