Citing record number of districts with negative tax caps, Educational Conference Board renews call for $2.2 billion state aid increase



State funding is the only way many districts will be able to continue current services

Citing the record high number of 82 districts that are facing negative tax caps this year, the state’s leading education groups (including SAANYS) sent a letter to state legislators urging them to provide the $2.2 billion school funding increase that is needed in a final state budget agreement.

The districts facing negative tax caps are located in all areas of the state, and the letter from the Educational Conference Board (ECB) identifies them by region. The full letter and the list of districts are available here..

The tax cap data is based on information districts recently filed with the Office of the State Comptroller. Some have not yet reported, which means the number of districts that face the untenable situation of a negative tax cap may ultimately be higher.

In addition to the $2.2 billion aid increase, the letter calls on the state to adjust the tax cap law to address instances of negative caps by setting a floor of zero and to finally implement two tax cap modifications that were signed into law last year but have not yet been put in place.