Release of Student Test Performance Data – Update

SAANYS has recently received a number of inquiries regarding the release of student test performance data. On June 2, Kevin Casey, Don Nickson, and I met with Commissioner King and Deputy Commissioner Slentz and requested clarification. On June 4, we received the following information:

1. What student information may be released district-to-district for “records requests” when families relocate? Is responding to a records request the same as sending a student transcript?

Response: A response to a request for records does not constitute a transcript. “The legislation specifically allows scores to be transferred to the state or other school districts.” Therefore, student performance of 3-8 common core-aligned tests, or other tests, may be shared with other districts based on a records request.

2. For students taking both a common core-aligned Regents examination and a 2005 NYS standards-aligned Regents examination, which score or scores must be entered in a student’s transcript?

Response: “If the student takes both the Common Core and the old test, both scores should be reported to the State through SIRS, but the district decides what to do on local transcripts, etc. For example, they can certainly decide to include only the higher score on local transcripts.”

We hope that you will find this information helpful. We will continue to keep you updated. All the best. … Jim Viola