Answering the Question: “From what sector will the independently trained evaluators be chosen and who will be doing their training?

From Jim Viola, SAANYS Director of Government Relations

This is an area that I expect will unfold in the next year or two. However, I have three thoughts regarding possibilities as to individuals who may serve as “independent trained evaluators.” They are:

* This matter should be addressed at the local level by negotiating the qualifications and/or procedures applicable to the appointment of independent trained evaluators (ITEs).

* I do NOT believe that it is necessary for independent trained evaluators to have completed Network Team Training by SED (though such training would likely be regarded in a positive light when considering applicant qualifications), and it may not be necessary for ITEs to participate in the full complement of turn-key training conducted by NTs. However, it will be necessary that ITEs satisfy the criteria set for evaluators and/or lead evaluators in the district/BOCES APPR Plan. Whoever is selected for such a role, should be very familiar with the rubric(s) that are applicable to the district as well as with the APPR provisions of the applicable collective bargaining agreement (i.e.,  teachers’ or principals’).

* This will, no doubt, result in a new “cottage industry.” In some cases, districts may establish lists of independent evaluators (and individuals to decide APPR appeals).