Equitable Can Come to You for Group Presentations

Equitable will come to your region or district for individual consultation or to present to your group on the following topics. Click here to download a flier or contact Debbie Taylor at to organize a group presentation.

Workshop Topics:

Financial Planning for Success
Financial planning is an important process which enables you to look at your assets, goals, and risks, and develop a clear financial road map. You may be focused on one particular objective, such as retirement, or education savings, or you may have a need to look at all the different facets of your financial life. If you think your financial strategy may be disorganized and unclear, this may be the time to pull it all together.

Planning for the Early-Mid Career Administrator
Retirement planning isn’t something that should wait until you are ready to retire. By taking steps now, you can work to maximize your benefit opportunities and secure your future without having to “play catch up” later on. Whether you are just starting your administrative career or are in the middle of it, you should be aware of the opportunities that are available to you and craft a plan that will lead to success. Topics for discussion will include pension forecasting, savings strategies, and balancing short term income needs versus long term planning.

Social Security – Beyond the Basics
Planning for your social security benefits requires a strategy to meet some of the challenges that you and your beneficiaries may encounter. And a significant number of future retirees are not aware of some of the options they must consider, much less what they need to do to formulate a comprehensive retirement plan. In order to provide you with more helpful information before you make an election on your Social Security benefits, we will cover exactly what Social Security is , how it is calculated, and what we all can expect from the future of the program. Additionally, we will go over some of the concepts that can be used to maximize your Social Security benefits.

Pension Maximization
Retirement is a time for you to reap the benefits of a lifetime of planning and saving. But, what if your preparations aren’t enough? What if the pension you primarily counted on to maintain you and your spouse’s lifestyle isn’t as much as you thought it would be? Are you aware of the various methods to help you get the most out of your pension?

Family Love Letter
Estate planning with a heart! This practical, sensitive workshop helps you face the difficult process of centralizing financial, legal, and personal information so family and friends can take care of you and know how you would like end-of-life issues handled.