Constitution & Bylaws

The School Administrators Association of New York State (SAANYS) is governed by the SAANYS Constitution and Bylaws. These documents are periodically reviewed to suit current membership and organizational needs.

Recently, the SAANYS membership approved changes to the SAANYS Constitution and Bylaws – those changes can be reviewed here:

Summary of the 2022 amendments to the SAANYS Constitution and By-Laws for the purposes of:

  1. Clarifying:
    1. the status of various levels of retiree membership and the role of the Retiree Advisory Board;
    2. individual membership in SAANYS (vs. membership through an affiliated unit);
    3. the status of the officers of the Board of Directors and the association, and the election process for those officers;
    4. the role of a Regional Intermediate Council as a potential organizational body of SAANYS, including consistency of terminology; and
    5. that all references to the “Big Four” cities should be to the “Big Five” cities (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Yonkers, and New York City) to be consistent with common terminology in NYS.
  2. Bringing the SAANYS Constitution and By-Laws in alignment with established historical practice and certain procedural aspects of SAANYS.
  3. Creating new membership categories of:
    1. Organizational Partner Member for other statewide educational associations interested in affiliation with SAANYS as Organizational Partners; and
    2. Partner Member for individual members of any Organizational Partner.
  4. Authorizing the SAANYS Executive Director to enter into contractual agreements with potential Organizational Partners to delineate the rights, responsibilities, and dues for the Organizational Partner Member and its individual Partner Members.
  5. Providing the potential for an Organizational Partner and its individual Partner Members to participate in the governance of SAANYS and other association initiatives.


View the full SAANYS Constitution here, which is clearly marked with the impending changes.